Schedule Your Own Food Drive

Interested in coordinating your own food drive to help support The Caring Cupboard's mission of eliminating hunger? Follow these easy steps to organize a successful food drive:

  • Set some goals!

    • Answer these questions: Who do you want to include to be your food drive? Do you want to ask your neighbors, co-workers, or family to take part, for example?

  • When do you want your food drive to take place?

  • Fill out the web form below to begin the process.

    • Once you have all the above information, we will contact you to provide you with a Food Drive Planning Kit that will include flyers, information sheets, and our logo to promote your event.

  •  Get the word out!

    • Send emails, texts, or messages by social media to promote your event. Use your planning kit to reach a wide audience. Use the shopping list from your planning kit and attach it to bags to make it easy for your participants to get critical need items for The Caring Cupboard. 

  • Collect your items and celebrate your success! 

All of the food you donate to The Caring Cupboard goes directly to your friends and neighbors in the community who are in need. 

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